We have dozens of paints in various colours and textures to choose from, to make sure you can create a truly beautiful piece to treasure. The more layers you paint, the deeper the colour.

Whatever your age or experience, you will be able to create a beautiful piece to treasure. And if you need advice, we can guide you.


We have a wide variety of pottery pieces and our stock changes constantly. 

As a guide, pottery pieces start at around £14 (standard mugs, bowls, plates and small ornaments). The cost is including paint, firing and glazing and there will be no studio fee charged.

Glazing Transformation

Painting an ornament is a relaxing, enjoyable experience. Seeing it transformed after glazing, with rich colours and a smooth, tactile finish is awesome.

Take a look at some of these before-and-after-glazing photos and you'll see just how much some colours change during the glazing process. Greys become glossy blacks, some mauves become rich purples, and light greens become rich aquamarines. 


We have paints that look like snow when they are glazed, as well as metallic finishes and crackle glazing techniques. 

Glazing, Firing, Collection and Storage

Turning your creation into a vibrant, glossy finished piece is an involved process. We glaze your piece, and fire it in our kiln, before allowing it to cool.

Usually pottery pieces will be ready for collection within two weeks of your visit - if you need yours sooner, do ask.

We keep painted pottery pieces for three months. Please collect them within this time, as older uncollected pieces may be disposed of.


Use of the Studio

When you book a pottery session with us, you will have use of the studio for 90 minutes. If you would like a longer session you are welcome to book for longer, at a cost of £20 per 30 minutes, subject to availability.

Food and Drink

We have drinks available for sale at the studio. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate and soft drinks are available - prices are displayed in the studio.

Only drinks purchased at the studio may be consumed in the studio, however if you wish to bring your own light snacks, this may be possible, subject to agreement - please ask for more information.

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